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Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies And Mail Box Locations

In today’s world of global business transactions, establishing a local business presence in foreign countries is becoming more and more commonplace. Whilst logistically this seems like a big ask – office space, local staff, local infrastructure to name but a few considerations that spring to mind, it’s actually quite simple in practice.

Unless you require a physical bricks and mortar establishment, because your business model consists of walk in customers and clients, one highly effective way to do this is to utilise the services of a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA). Also known as a mail drop service, good CMRAs can provide a number of services for offshore and local clients including provision of local mail box locations which act as a business address for receiving and sending mail, parcels and various other documents. CMRAs also function independently of official postal systems, which means they can send and receive courier drop offs and other items not generally carried by those postal services.

Companies adopt this business strategy for many varied reasons. It may be because people in a particular country or state prefer to deal locally, making the acquisition of a local business address pretty much a mandatory part of establishing a successful business presence there. Or it may be that a neighbouring country or state has a more ‘up-market’ image and so a business address there is seen as being advantageous to the business. Home-based businesses may also prefer to keep their physical location private by having their business address elsewhere. In some cases it may also come right down to simple economics especially for companies that do a lot of mail outs – postage rates are a lot cheaper in some countries but in order to take advantage of those rates the business needs to have a return address in that country.

If you’re looking for a mail drop service in Latin America, MailDrop Costa Rica can help with a complete range of postal, electronic mail and telecommunication options.


At TopOffice Consulting we have your Virtual Office Address set up within 60 Minutes after receiving your payment. You will receive a notification with your personal physical address (NO POB!).

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