Going Offshore

It’s a term that’s been romanticized in literature and movies. Accountants refer to the phrase in their vernacular and the very rich are aware of the advantages of going offshore. However, what are they talking about and how does this service apply to mail?

The first word out of the mouth of a business service or accountant talking about this complex phrase is “benefits.” The advantages and benefits inherent in offshore simply involves placing assets, resources, even partial infrastructure, outside of your home country. Let’s focus a little more on the concept. A business actually takes holdings and places them under the jurisdiction of another country.

It’s a complex strategy involving many steps that must be clearly delineated. After the account has been setup satisfactorily, including assets, banking etc., an offshore address also needs to be arranged in order to simplify communications.

There are many reasons for this kind of setup, and many advantages. The address ensures discretion protecting sensitive information and a client feels secure in the protection of their privacy.