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Mail Forwarding Online

Postal mail has changed, evolving to reflect the technological that age we live in. Sure, we can hold mail in boxes and forward letters to alternate addresses, but there are new possibilities and some of them are here now. Consider the option of mail forwarding online, a merging of the traditional and the technological. The benefits of using the postal service is met with the ability to quickly transmit information over a digital medium. What this means for any prospective customer, is all of the convenience of a forwarding service, but combined with the desirable option of seeing the correspondence on any net connected device. Easily read mail on a smartphone, tablet, or any web connected device.

A mail service receives the letter, scanning it at high resolution, and stores a digital copy on the account space allocated to the customer. It’s the perfect blending of the old and the new, forwarding time sensitive information over a securely connected internet connection. Never have to rely on a street address when the letter can be instantly called up on a laptop computer screen.


At TopOffice Consulting we have your Virtual Office Address set up within 60 Minutes after receiving your payment. You will receive a notification with your personal physical address (NO POB!).

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