Mailbox Locations – Do They Make Going Global Easier?

Have you ever considered turning your humble home business into a thriving global enterprise complete with ‘local offices’ across the globe?

Ah yes I hear you say, I’d love to but it’s expensive and the mere thought is somewhat intimidating.

Au contraire in fact. These days setting up a global business presence really is as simple and economical as contacting reputable mail drop or commercial mail receiving agencies (CMRAs) in the country or countries of your choice, which could be in the UK, Europe, Asia, Costa Rica in Latin America, Africa, the US or anywhere else on the globe, and opening up an account with them. Indeed, it’s probably easier and more convenient to set up and run your mail services through these companies than it is to try and find mailbox locations in your own city and it’s also an increasingly popular way to do business globally. You also have the added convenience of being able to focus your energies on running your globally expanding business instead of worrying about your mail and postage.

So what does a good mail drop service offer? Convenience, security and a host of mail and logistical services amongst other things. You’ll also get services like mail drop and mail forwarding, a ‘real’ street address wherever the service provider is located (that’s the global aspect and great for establishing an all important local presence and local point of contact), courier pick ups and drop offs, text or email notification when you have mail or packages arrive and that’s just for starters. Some offshore CMRAs also offer dedicated phone and fax lines to further establish a credible international presence, email and fax services, bulk postage and even cheaper postage rates in some countries so long as you have a local return address there and the mail is posted there (obviously).

“Make a global exposure of your dreams and you will achieve global success!” Israelmore Ayivor