Shipping Via Mailbox Companies

If you have an online or e-commerce shop that sells a range of products sourced from wholesalers and manufacturers globally and some of your suppliers won’t ship, or won’t ship certain products, to addresses outside their own country, why not consider using commercial mail receiving agencies (CMRAs), also known and mail drop or mailbox companies, in those countries instead.

You can get the suppliers to ship orders to your mailbox companies addresses and they will forward it on to your customer for you. Win, win situation all round – your customer gets their product, your supplier gets a sale and you get a sale and a satisfied customer!

Obviously you’d need to weigh up the costs of these services against the amount of money you would make from selling those particular products but if they’re hot items that sell like the proverbial hot pancakes, it may well be worth your while.

CMRAs aren’t just a great idea for drop shipping solutions either incidentally. They can also be used as a mailing address for ordinary mail and parcels, afford privacy and security for home businesses who don’t want their private address made public and provide a local presence and contact point for customers and clients who may be chary of dealing with out of state or global companies. These companies can also receive items that the regular postal service doesn’t deal with, like courier pick ups and drop offs, as they operate separately to the official postal services.

Some of the better mail drop companies like Maildrop Costa Rica also offer a range of associated office services like a dedicated phone and fax line for your customers as well as additional mail receiving and forwarding services – email, scanning, facsimile and so on. Certainly worthwhile checking out if you require an address in Latin America.