Maildrop Service

The mail service has changed beyond all recognition over the last 10 years. While computers have taken over, and the amount of internet connections available has gone through the roof, physical mail has become the workhorse of communication. Indeed, the postal services deliver sensitive materials in packages and letters daily. Mail has faced the need to evolve to meet customer needs in the 21st century. Companies like Microsoft and Apple are pushing mail further into the background, but the resilience and necessity of our communications infrastructure ensures a need for physical mail. After all, we’re consumers and we need our stuff to get to us quickly. An optimal solution, combining the best of mail and technology, is a maildrop service. Letters and packages are sent to the service and categorized.

It’s an amazing service for a modern age. Letters can be forwarded or scanned for online reading. Packages are stored or forwarded to a mailing address and we maintain our connections with friends, family and clients. Sure, we continue to email, tweet and text, but the world stays in balance with ample provision for our packages and time sensitive letters.