It can literally mean the difference between success and failure in business when considering a mailforward option for a business. Promote a product with a virtual office and be sure that your important package reaches the address on time. There’s no room for a weak link in business. Human error is always possible, but the last place error should enter is in the mail company options and services being offered. The reputation of a mail company lives and dies on its reputation. When the dependability of the company is in question, the customer will move on, with little patience for excuses.

The virtual office scenario is a great example for demonstrating the need for bulletproof reliability. Costs have been reduced by the use of such a system. This cost cutting quickly becomes irrelevant if the arrival of the mail is in question. There really should be no hitch in a system involving forwarding, scanning, and reception of mail in a remote office, but if there is, eyes are going to turn to the company responsible for the various interlinks connecting the mail to the virtual organization.