Why Company Brochures Are Still Important In 2013

Why Company Brochures Are Still Important In 2013

It’s very easy to get caught up in the world of computing. Everything nowadays is done online from job applications to advertising or grocery shopping to ticket booking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way of doing certain things. Of course it’s an extremely convenient method for many things. Take train tickets for example. Much cheaper to buy them in advance online with the added bonus of knowing that they are available for your chosen journey and that you’ve also got a seat reserved as well.

However, when it comes to advertising your company then the good old fashioned brochure still takes some beating, and used in conjunction with your website will provide an effective way of promoting yourself. The beauty of being able to hand out a brochure to a potential customer means that they will have an item they can refer back to whenever they feel like it. It can provide a reminder to them that they need to book an appointment with you, whereas a website can be just forgotten about as soon as the computer is turned off.

A brochure can also be left in an advertising rack or a prominent place to be picked up at random by anyone who happens to spot it; something which is not going to happen if you just advertise online. Now, you may be thinking that the cost of having a brochure printed will cost you considerably more than online advertising, but if you consider the effectiveness of the brochure, it really is going to be money well spent. If you use an online printer to carry out the work for you, then you can be sure of getting a really competitive deal and it may not cost as much as you had first thought.

This guest post was provided to us here at InstantMailDrop by the guys over at Circle Services, one of the UK’s longest established brochure printing companies.

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